Small Copper Butterfly (Lycaena phlaeas)


Lively and brightly coloured, the Small Copper Butterfly can be found throughout the UK, apart from the far north of Scotland.The Small Copper Butterfly can be seen flying from  May-September, they are usually found in open grassy areas such as, Meadows, Waste ground, Heathland and Woodland Rides, where they enjoy basking in warm sunshine, often on the heads of wildflowers or a bare patch of earth.

Upper-wings are Bright Copper or orange with black spotted markings with a dark brown fringe on the fore-wings .

Under-wings are similar to upper-wings but light brown instead of dark brown.

Small Copper Butterfly (Lycaena phlaeas) roosting on Knapweed

Small Copper Butterfly (Lycaena phlaeas)

Small Copper Butterfly (Lycaena phlaeas) on yellow flower

Small Copper Butterfly (Lycaena phlaeas)


  • Family Group: Lycaenidae – Blues.
  • Habitat: Meadows, Waste ground, Heathland and Woodland Rides.
  • On the wing: May-September
  • Wingspan: approx 25mm.
  • Larvae feed on: Common Sorrel.
  • Photographed: 17th July 2010.
  • Location: Barnack Hills and Holes NNR.
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