March What’s Growing On

Mar 202017


March seemed like a good time to begin a monthly diary about my garden. As well as something for myself to look back on next year it may just give some ideas to anyone who has got or wanted to start a wildflower garden of there own.

As well as spring flowers coming into bloom like Primrose and Cowslips, March is also a good time to spot and record butterflies which visit to find a bit of nectar and a sheltered spot in the garden to warm in spring sunshine

My Garden habitat

Facing East to West and around the size of a large allotment my garden is mainly planted with wildflowers with a small number of cottage garden favourites.

There are now around 60+ species some of which include Horse-shoe Vetch, Pasque Flowers, Greater Knapweed, Sainfoin, Common-spotted Orchid, Cowslips, Common Rock-rose and Birds-foot Trefoil which have been well established for over 5+ years.

What’s Growing On

  • Flowering this month: common-dog violet, primrose, cowslips, oxlip
  • Planted out this month: Cowslips and Oxlip
  • Plants in the Greenhouse: Cowslips, Red Campion, Bladder Campion, Sea Campion, Horse-shoe Vetch, Ragged Robin, Devils bit Scabious, Sainfoin, Wild Thyme, Wild Marjoram
  • Butterflies in the Garden: Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock

March Garden Gallery

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