White Admiral Butterfly (Limenitis camilla)


The White Admiral a truly distinctive large woodland butterfly and a superb flyer.

The upper-wings are black or dark brown in colour, depending on the light, with broad white bands and two rows of black dots, along the edge of the hind-wing.

The under-wings are striking in colour, are a rich orange/brown with the same white stripe as the upper wings the body is a light blue gray.


Mainly Southern and Central areas of England (Dorset, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire)

White Admiral butterfly -underside on brambles

White Admiral Butterfly -underside on brambles

White Admiral Butterfly (Limenitis camilla)

White Admiral Butterfly on Bramble Flowers


The White Admiral prefers mature woodland, in both deciduous and mixed deciduous woodland, with rides and open areas of dappled shade, that allow the growth of brambles for nectaring adult butterflies.


  • Name: White Admiral (Limenitis camilla)
  • Family Group: Browns – Nymphalidae.
  • When: June – August
  • Size: 50mm
  • Main Larval Food Plant: Only Honeysuckle see Common Honeysuckle (Lonicera periclymenum)
  • Adults nectar on: Mainly on Bramble Flowers.
  • Population Status: The White Admiral is a Priority Species for conservation due to habitat loss.
  • Photographed: June 26th 2011 – Fermyn Wood, Northamptonshire.
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