Common Rock-Rose (halianthemum nummularium)


A bright yellow wildflower found in calcareous (alkaline) soils on well drained grassland, fairly common and widespread where soil conditions are right in the south and East of England, but becoming less common further North.

The five petaled yellow flowers appear May-September, around 15-25mm in size often in clusters.

The Common Rock-rose, provides a good nectar source for Bees and other insects, it is also a primary larval food-plant for the Brown Argus, Green Hairstreak, Northern Brown Argus, and Silver Studded-Blue Butterflies.

Quick Information

  • Group: Cistaceae.
  • Family: Rock-rose
  • Type: Perennial.
  • Height around: 50mm.
  • Habitat: Dry Grassland, Rocky areas.
  • Flowering: May to September.
  • Photograph right : shows open Rock Rose flower, flower buds and leaves
  • Photographed : 23rd May 2010.
  • Location : Barnack Hills and Holes (NNR)
Rock-rose (halianthemum nummularium) Wildflower with yellow flowers

Common Rock-rose (halianthemum nummularium) flower buds and leaves

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