Small Blue Butterfly (Cupido minimus)



The smallest of all the British butterflies the small blue is sometimes known as the “Bedford Blue” or “Little blue” the under-side of the wings are silver gray with black spots, similar to that of the Holly Blue butterfly. The upper-side of both the male and female is a sooty brown although the male has a blue sheen.


Locally Distributed throughout England although mainly found in the Central and Southern Counties


Sheltered warm sunny grassy slopes or in hollows and often on chalk hills in places where kidney vetch grows in abundance

Small blue butterfly showing upper-wings

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Small Blue Butterfly on grass stem, Tottenhoe Knowls, Bedfordshire

Small Blue (Cupido minimus)


  • Name: Small Blue (Cupido minimus)
  • Family group:Blues – Lycaenidae.
  • When: Early May – late June
  • Size around: 25 mm
  • Larval Food Plant: solely kidney vetch (Anthyllis vulneraria)
  • Adult Nectar Plant: Bird’s-foot trifoil, Horseshoe Vetch, kidney Vetch
  • Population Status: stable
  • Photographed: 27th May 2012, Tottenhoe knowls
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