Black Hairstreak (Strymondia Pruni)



A small brown butterfly, with a defined white line, black spotted markings, and an orange band edged with a white fringe, on the under-wings.


Like all Hairstreak Butterflies the Black Hairstreak prefers a sunny position more often than not above head height. Occasionally though they may be seen descending to nectar on bramble or other seasonal blossom.

The upper wings are rarely seen except in flight.

The Black Hairstreak is quite similar in appearance to White-letter Hairstreak (Satyrium w-album)e

Black Hairstreak (Strymondia Pruni) on Bramble flowers - Glapthorn Cow Pasture.

Black Hairstreak (Strymondia Pruni) on Bramble Flowers

Quick Info

  • Family Group: Lycaenidae (Blues).
  • Where: A narrow belt of mature woodland areas, between Oxford and Peterborough.
  • Habitat: Mature blackthorn thickets in sheltered woodland clearings and rides.
  • When: Flying in largest numbers from mid June to early July.
  • Size: Wingspan around 35mm.
  • Larval Food Plant: Leaf buds and mature leaves of Blackthorn (prunus spinosa)
  • Adult Nectar Plant: Bramble, Wild Privet, Dog Rose.
  • Population Status:
  • Photographed: 14th June 2011, Glapthorn Cow Pasture.
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