Wood White Butterfly (Leptidea sinapis)



A fragile looking white butterfly most often only found on woodland tracks and rides flying low to the ground on bright sunny days. Although able to fly some distance it’s slow lumbering flight makes it stand out from a distance from the other the species of white butterfly

During even short periods of cloud cover even on sunny days the butterfly will often quickly seek an inconspicuous place to rest.

Courtship Dance

One of the most unusual things about the Wood White butterfly is their unusual courtship dance. When a male meets a possible mate, they will both rest on foliage or the ground head to head for their exquisite display.

Wood White Butterfly (Leptidea sinapis)

Wood White Butterfly (Leptidea sinapis)

Wood White Butterflies

Wood White Butterflies (Leptidea sinapis), F left – M right in a courtship display.

Quick Info

  • Name: Wood White (Leptidea sinapis)
  • Family Group: Pieridae – Whites
  • Wingspan: around 40mm.
  • When to see: May to July
  • Larval food Plants: Greater birds-foot trifoil (Lotus pedunculatus).
  • Adult nectar plant: Bramble Flowers, Black Medick (Medicago lupulina), Greater birds-foot trifoil (Lotus pedunculatus), Stichwort.
  • Location: Northamptonshire
  • Photographed: 5th July 2013
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