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Mar 142013

Wildflower Collection

Starting a Wildflower Garden or Meadow to attract beneficial insects like butterflies and bees it couldn’t be easier, with this diverse collection of wildflower plug plants.

Also adding a sprinkling of some wildflower seed between these plug plants – they will all knit nicely together.

The perennial varieties will come back year after year whilst the annuals will happily self seed and reappear in a new position each year. Height: 150cm (59″). Spread: 50cm (20″).

Flowering Period: May, June, July, August, September Position: Full sun, sun or semi shade.

Plugs available separately *

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Collection comprises of:

  • Foxglove (Digitalis)*
  • Self-Heal (Prunella)*
  • Lady’s Bedstraw (Galium)*
  • Ox-eye Daisy (Leucanthemum)*
  • Cornflower (Centaurea)
  • Ragged Robin (Lychnis)*
  • Field Scabious (Knautia)*
  • Common Knapweed (Centaurea)*
  • Meadow Buttercup (Ranunculus)*
  • Teasel (Dipsacus)*
Wildflower Collection - Hardy Perennials

Wildflower Collection – Hardy Perennials – Thompson & Morgan

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