Cornfield Annuals Mix

Feb 012016

Fill your garden with glorious wildflowers, these Thompson & Morgan easy to grow wild flowers seed mixes will enhance your garden and attract beneficial bees and insects.

Woodland Meadow Mix

Wildflowers 'Woodland Meadow Mix'

Classic Meadow Mix

Wildflowers 'Classic Meadow Mix'

Cornfield Annuals Mix

Wildflowers 'Cornfield Annuals Mix'

Wild Flowers Ultimate Mix

Wildflowers 'Ultimate Mix'

Just directly sow wildflower seeds outdoors where they are to grow from March to May once the soil has warmed.

  • Hardy
  • Ideal For: cottage gardens, wildlife gardens, cut flower garden
  • Flowering Period: April, May, June, July, August, September
  • Sowing Months: March, April, September, October

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1 packet (15 grams of wildflower seed) £5.99

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