Hyacinth Bulbs

Dec 012013

Capture the magic of the Christmas season

Send your family and friends our most popular blooming gift. Tucked inside our exclusive, hand-woven basket are five energy-packed ‘Pink Pearl’ Hyacinth bulbs, specially coaxed to flower throughout the Christmas period and into the New Year.

Our bestselling hyacinths are guaranteed to give stunning results, skilled growers have spent years calculating the optimum time and temperature to hold the bulbs back for the exact length of time to ensure perfect, sparkling flowers over the Christmas period.

In no time their compact stems will be a frenzy of pink, filling a room with their unmistakable fragrance.

As a bonus, once the bulbs have finished flowering indoors they can be planted outdoors in the garden and the basket re-used.

Hyacinth Scented Pink Basket, Christmas Gift

Hyacinth Scented Pink Basket – Christmas Gift

  • Hyacinth Scented Pink Basket
  • Price: £14.99
  • Despatch: December 2012
  • Order before 10am on 19th December for guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas.
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